Founders of Kamrock Computers Ltd. first started developing computer programs in 1997. Since then, the founders have mastered the art of software design and the engineering that makes the software work. Kamrock is dedicated to provide break-throughs in technology. Here is the time-line that shows major events that led to the development of Canada Retail POS Systems.

1997 – First Computer Program (set of instructions) written in Quick Basic by the founders
1998 – First (offline) homepage website developed in html
1998 – First (online) gaming website (dgame) developed in html and Java
1999 – First complicated Visual Basic 5.0 Client/Server Program written
2000 – First Client/Server Program Release Released, developed in Visual Basic 6.0
2005 – Kamrock Computers Ltd founded
2006 – Canstrat program developed
2007 – Started Dashtop Project
2007 – Introduced a IT company for Computer Service
2008 – Released the World’s first Dashtop Computer
2009 – Introduced a fast-paced Web Development firm CP7
2009 – Developed the company’s first POS System
2009 – Developed the company’s first Customer Database System
2010 – DigitLOG developed
2011 – TXT2SeeMe developed
2011 – CanadaRetailPOS is born to provide POS Solutions to clients Worldwide
2011 – RPOS-Fitness Version 2.0 released, designed for fitness businesses
2011 – RPOS-Restaurant Version 2.0 released, designed for restaurant businesses
2012 – RPOS-Pizza Version 2.0 released, designed for Pizza businesses

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