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KPOS-R Version 2.0 was released in december 2011, with the intention to concentrate on hospitality business. KPOS-R 2.0 is a fully loaded POS Software System designed for restaurants, which is easy to modify and a charm to use for the employees.

KPOS-R 2.0 is capable of maintaining a customer database for take-out orders and includes an employee payroll system, that will make your life much easier as a business owner. KPOS Data Server Connection allows you to run reports at your own convenience from the office, phone, or wherever internet connection is available.

In addition to the features in the previous version, below is the list of some of the features added to the KPOS-R Version 2.0

  • Unique Interactive Graphical Display
  • Take orders on 20 different tables
  • 6 Take out orders
  • Customer Database
  • Employee System
  • 8 Payment Methods
  • Crash-Proof Order Handling
  • WEB Database, KPOS Data server connection
  • Unlimited items
  • Unlimited Categories
  • Lifetime Software License
  • Kitchen Printing / Printer
  • Prepaid coupons
  • Split Payment between individuals
  • Tip support
  • Discount support
  • Detailed Shift Reporting
  • SMS / Email Reporting

And Much More, Give us a call to get more information.

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